“Special Lifting Solutions” Ltd (SLS) — a Russian company specializes in development, engineering support, integration and execution of lifting projects.


High quality engineering department of SLS is able to create and construct lifting project for any objective, which would include the most modern technological solution and equipment. Our engineers are certified by the Federal Agency for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia, and have the right to develop the technical documentation, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in Russia.


SLS offers the following services:


  • Development and approval of lifting projects
  • Expert center: analysis, testing and examination of industrial safety of objects, machines and equipment in accordance to the Russian laws and regulations
  • Assembly and demolition operations: we provide all kinds of rigging, hoisting and handling of objects and loads, including extra heavy and oversized
  • Material handling of lifting tools, machines and equipment


For more information, contact:


E-mail: info@sgmspb.com

Skype: vasukov.maxim



Санкт-Петербург, ул. Зайцева д. 4, к. 2 | Телефон: +7 (812) 926-48-21 | e-mail: info@sgmspb.com

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